Best Action Camera

I am looking to purchase an action video camera to record my son’s baseball games this season. The purpose of this camera would be to review and discuss with him particular plays (what he did right, what he did wrong, ways to improve, situations, etc) and also send recordings (at bats, pitching examples, and certain defensive plays) to his hitting/pitching coach. Ideally I would be able to bookmark certain plays (I’m assuming using an app) and be able to review them quickly after the game with my son (like 10-15 minutes per game). I will mount the camera on the backstop. My son plays multiple positions (infield & outlet). What would be the best camera for this? I want to keep costs as low as possible (really don’t want to spend $400-$600 on the latest, top level GoPro camera). This camera will also be used occasionally for other purposes (swimming, trip to Hawaii, etc) but this will just be a secondary function (not all that important). Thanks!