Best Ab Workouts

Im trying to put together a list of most effective abdominal exercises i can do that work. If anyone has any suggestions please help me out. Tell me what you all do to work on your abs.

I have a pitchers core workout if you want it i will need your email or aim. My email is email me ok. And tomorrow im going to add more to it.

Usually what I like to do just for a quick workout is:

  1. Lay down on back
  2. Place hands over ears (To stop your head instead of your abs from pulling you up)
  3. Bend knees up until they can bend no further while keep feet placed firmly on floor
  4. Finally, do as you would when doing a sit up but keep both feet together and use your abs, not the motion of your head, to come up from the ground.

Continue until you’ve reached 80 repeitions.