Best ab workout(s)

im looking to strengthen my core alot during the offseason and was wandering what the best abdominal workouts were in everyone’s opinion

get a medicine ball. there are many great workouts you can do with that just google them. medicine balls are great for core and rotational power for pitching.

this is good for general core strength:

It’s the same type of thing I’ve been doing for 4+ years and I have better core strength than any of the guys on my team who outweigh me by 50 lbs or more. I also do a ton of medball…entered a SPARQ training test at a showcase and was ranked 1st out of 150+ HS players in the rotational powerball throw. Make sure when you do the medball you are throwing it AS HARD AS YOU CAN, it’s about becoming EXPLOSIVE

Jo(h)n Doyle has a program called Unbreakable Abs which I’m looking into and is supposed to be great, I’ll get back to you when I find out more.

Also can do some weighted abdominals…Russian twists with dumbbell, hanging leg raises, russian twists with barbell, etc.

All great exercises, and as a bonus if you keep your diet super clean and get your body fat down a bit you’ll start to look super ripped. :lol:

hope this helps

there are many different successful workouts. you could try going to google and youtube to find some good workouts. I have done the 8 minute ab workout a few times and it is also great

Ab wheel rollouts are probably the most difficult core exercise I have tried.

Google a kettlebell windmill this has worked the best for me, In my opinion done with proper form it beats any other core workout out there. If you dont have a kettlebell i guess any weight would be fine…

oh yea also this builds great shoulder strenth and flexiblity