Okay well im a sophmore in highschool and my dream is to play D1 Baseball. And i was looking online and i found, and i was wondering if anyone has used it to get noticed by any college caoches. And i wanted to know if its too soon to start sending letters to the colleges that i am very interested in attending. Or should i wait untill my JR year?

Thank You

If you think you already have your best stuff, and think people would be very impressed with what you have right now… I dont see why there would be a reason why starting early would be bad. But if you are scratchy on things, if you havent been on your game, or if you feel like you need velo help, you should probably stick it out till your junior/senior year. Truthfully your first impression is the very best thing to ever give someone. There was one study where on average it took seeing a person 60 more times to get rid of a first impression. So make it a good one.