Bent Arms?

Ive noticed a lot of good hitters have there lead arm bent at contact. I have a habbit of doing this but is it even bad?

Has anyone told you this is bad?

Yep I always hear that your lead arm should be down much like this:

Well who is that hitter there? Is he a power or average hitter?

You showed us Pujos and A-rod, two power hitters? Maby it’s a power thing?

I dont know but Derek Jeter isnt a power hitter. Maybe it is a power thing but im not sure.

But then again look at some of these:

i’ve learned that if your a right handed hitter your left arm should be straight and your right arm should be bent like yourpunching someone in the stomach, oppositeif your left handed

It seems like you would lose a lot of power though

well see when u show us a picture, we cant tell where the pitch is. For example, Rolens arm is so bent because he’s fighting off an inside pitch. The reason why dj is such a good hitter, is because he keeps his hands in… in meaning hands close to the body, so thats why he can get jammed and still muster enough power / strength to put it out to right field for a hit. All the power guys have their hands extended but thats not suttin you should really try to follow, the only reason why they’re peacin teh ball is b/c of their power. If you always extend your arms / hands, when an inside pitch comes, you’re screwed

so should you extend your arms or keep your top arm slightly bent?

Athletic power comes from keeping your knees bent, I think it translates the same way to the arms. Keeping your hands inside and keep your elbows somewhat bent develops more bat control and ultimately more bat speed.

Since this site is mainly about pitchers…if you are a pitcher and see a guy who straightens his front arm, I am busting him inside all day long. He just won’t be able to get his arms inside and it will be grounder to short or ring up the “K” all day long. Look at the picture of the Twins guy you posted, that seems to be an inside pitch and he has almost his entire upper body open to hit that pitch, then look at A-Rod and that also seems to be inside but his body is still facing the ball and ready to put energy through the ball.