Benson 14YO {Pitching Analysis}


LHP from Stretch

RHP from Stretch

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Batting Lefty Or Righty?

Beautiful day to pitch!


Just had a good conversation with some dads from the team. Is it better to start pitching career earlier or later? Similar conversation with Coach Ed Collins, he was the all-state SS as a sophomore. But the HS team needed a pitcher and he began his pitching career from that point forward.

This got me thinking if it’s a bad idea to start training my son so young with such rigorous pitching. Assuming the arm has a “finite” number of pitches that one can throw (just like a car engine). With every pitch (game or practice), it eventually reduces the “life expectancy” of the arm by one pitch. So, I am concerned that my son will run out of “juice” soon.

On the other hand, his teammate/friend, who is the primary SS for the school and travel team will consider becoming a pitcher starting next spring as a Freshman. I wonder if this is a better route. The jury is still out!

“Baseball is NOT LIFE, and SHOULD BE FUN!”


HS Junior, trying to join the team

Ouch, just came back from a Diamond Nation 14U tournament game #2 tonight. Son gave up 7 runs in 1 and 2/3 innings. The breaking pitches were completely not there tonight. The main reason was that he didn’t practice all week since last Sunday’s game. Wish the boy would have enough common sense to stick to a routine to get into BP on day 3-5 cycle.

Not fun at all tonight.



Everyone gets lit up once in awhile…at all levels. Just rebound and go get 'em.

The game video above looks good. He has a good delivery and that facility is very nice as well. Very few schools around here have that kind of set up.

I would not worry about burning him out as long as he’s not overused in any game or week of pitching and takes 3 consecutive months off from throwing every year.


Thank you for your input, Paul. He has less than 50 innings this year, which is less than the 120 innings last year. He is resting well since July. We are trying something new in the off season and also expanding his "portfolio of skills ", and hope to get him ready for spring HS team. Although he has a good chance to make the varsity team as a freshman, I would prefer him to play on JV team. He will be playing with the kids he grew up with playing the Little League. Plus he will face easier competitions and build up His confidence and get more playing time! For now, we are just secretly training and have fun, which is more important for us!