Benefits of a Late Hand Break?

Will a late hand break slow down an early and an over rotation of the shoulders?

Will change the timing and let the lower half get moving ahead of the upper half.

Results in less chance of early external rotation but could play into other factors that could be negatives. I’m a fan of later handbreak but would only make the change if the upperbody was premature as u have indicated.

Thanks for the reply. He will sometimes throw across his body and I can visualize his throwing shoulder out in front. Also, his back foot is on the rubber so I’m happy with his back hip. I’ll try slowing his hands down, then maybe look at the glove side.

From what I’ve heard,
a late hand break is better for a pitcher.
Early hand break usually forces the pitcher to use his arm to throw,
not his body.

Right again, CardsWin! I was advised to break the hands practically at the last minute, so that the flow from the lower half of the body to the shoulder and arm would not be interrupted. Besides, it makes it tougher for the batter to pick up the pitch! :slight_smile:

Good discussion and well-made points. I just had an email question about this very topic, and I simply forwarded him a link to this thread!

What I’ve been told is that the pitcher should not break his hands
till after he shifts his weight forward (begins moving toward the plate).
Now of course, it doesn’t have to be exactly the second after he shifts his weight forward, but it also shouldn’t be much later- for obvious reasons.