Bending your back

Can anyone recommend and drills that help bending your back on the follow through? When i was a little kid i fell of an 8 to 10 feet deck and landed on my back, nearly breaking it. I’ve always wondered if that is why i don’t bend or it is simply just a bad habit…But if anyone has any drills/tips/video’s to help bend your back on the follow through that would be great.

Get down on one knee (your landing leg should be the one out in front of you) and straighten your leg until it’s slightly bent as if you were landing when throwing a pitch. Throw using your upper body as if you were pitching and work on getting the chest out over the knee.

Work backwards from a nice flat back finish and progressively add more and more. Just get into that position to feel what it’s like to be there. Then you might start from a position back from that where the front foot is up on it’s toes, out at a modest stride length and the arms almost in the high cocked position (actually both arms at shoulder height, bent at approx. 90 deg. angles). Keep the hips closed. Now, rotate the hips and land on the front foot. Throw the ball and finish in that same flat back finish that you just got a good feeling for. Make sure you throw the ball. Keep it as similar as possible to pitching, only the last parts. Do that for a while, working on that “feel”. Then back up again, adding another component, the stride. Continue all the way, in these backwards steps, to the full delivery. Just ensure that you finish all the way to the flat back finish. This is a quick and dirty explanation of “reverse progressions”, which I believe are very effective. It may not be the only way but I do believe it’s effective.

Modify it to suit but ensure that you get the “feel” of the current phase before moving “back” to add another component. Always finish as per the “perfected” drills that you just did.

A lack of flexibility in the hamstrings can also limit your ability to bend forward at follow-through. So any stretching exercises for the hamstrings would be good.

ok… thanks… but i don’t believ i completely understand the term “work backwards”… cna somebody help explain thiis to me please…

[quote=“DCM11Baseball”]ok… thanks… but i don’t believ i completely understand the term “work backwards”… cna somebody help explain thiis to me please…[/quote]I actually went on to describe this. Rather than work from the beginning of the pitching motion and work on things in a forward progression to the end, you start at the finish position and keep adding components in a “reverse progression”, from finish to start, one step at a time.

oh…ok… thanks for the help