Bend of the post leg and stride length

Ok I couldn’t figure out a name for this post but I have a couple of questions just from looking at some MLB pitchers. The 2 main pitchers I looked at where nolan ryan and scott kazmir.

The thing that I noticed was that they keep there post leg flexed as long as they can.

Would keeping the leg flexed longer make a pitcher have a longer stride and also help aid in Hip/Shoulder seperation which is what it looks like it does for nolan ryan and scott kazmir.

There legs go so long on flexed position that they turn down and in very smoothly does this have to do with staying on that flexed leg a long time?

Just a couple things I have noticed from watching some video would like to know what you think.

Wouldn’t this get more responses if it was in the Mech’s section of LTP?

It’s a good question, and I’m curious to hear some people’s thoughts on the subject at hand.

I personally have no clue…

I think you will find the real reason for the flexed post leg is to help to
keep the weight back and to produce power. The length of stride and shoulder/hip separation are a consequence of that. Look at clips of Tom Seaver and espcially Sandy Koufax and you will see the same thing. They
get their long stride as a result of all that stored energy that is released
towards home plate.