After some research regarding my arm slot and not always being a side arm guy, I found it my heavy bench press for shot put on my shoulder may have caused my arm to drop due to loss of flexibility.

I’m wondering what I need to strengthen and excersises to strengthen them to fix this.

I’m tagging some knowledgeable people, sorry to bother you once again, but you’ve been incredibly helpful so far.


I’m not an expert in this area but my understanding is that with respect to the shoulders, you need to stretch in a way that increases mobility but doesn’t loosen the joint. I would suggest finding a trainer or physical therapist who can teach you the correct way to do that.

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Many young people are so focused on bench press and become imbalanced in relation to their back muscles. Work with a good trainer that has experience in baseball.

Thanks, any ideas on how to strengthen my back? I’ve never believed in bench but it was for another sport and ignored my back. Would I need to strengthen my deceleration muscles?

Setting and Activating the Scapula - Ask Dr. Abelson - YouTube This focuses on scapula exercises to help open up the chest and from there you will be able to use proper form with other back exercises like lat pull downs, mid row, and external rotation. Consult with an athletic trainer for your individual needs.