yeh i n my off season i do a lot of benching can that mess up my roator cuff

the professional pitching coach that i work with told me that bench press is alright to do but that when you go down DO NOT let your arm go past a 90 degree angle…anything past that will put strain on your shoulder…so my advice is to do your benching on the floor…and to do it with dumbbells not a bar…its more safe…more reps are always better than more weight

Ive heard different things about it. The one thing i have heard alot is that if you just make sure your doing the reps correctly, i.e. not throwing the weight up and down, you should be alright. Also as always high reps lower weight then you should be okay. I know one university doesnt let their pitchers go to their chest on bench but i have no idea if thats the right idea or not.