What are your guys’ opinions on benching… I have been doing barbell bench for a few weeks… but I don’t go all the way down only to about a 90º angle… my coach told me to just do dumbells because in the long run my shoulder will be messed up… whats ur opiniones

From what I’ve heard, doing a lot of benching as a pitcher is not good.

An old hitting coach of mine advised me to not go too much/at all past the 90 degree angle you mentioned, since it is more harmful that helpful.

I’ve also heard more recommendations for the DB bench press for baseball training.

This is all word of mouth, so don’t take it with an ounce of credibility :lol:

DB bench press is recomended over barbell if you are going to do this exercise and like posted before dont go beyond 90 degrees.

How much is too much bench press?

Is benching two times a week too much, too little, or just right?

I do DB benchpress maybe once a week sometimes twice. It just depends because most of my workout I generally do stuff on my feet. When I am not doing benchpress I am doing dips. I would mix it up, but thats just me.

I bench 2-3 times a week, but no more than 55% of my max. So far, from this and the rest of my routine, I haven’t had any problems. From personal experience, I prefer to do the elevated bench press and military press to completely strengthen the deltoid area.

Push-ups will also develop the same general group of muscles, if you do them correctly.

I bench like 2-3 times a week. And I find my max every week or so.
But I have a big frame so I can hold a lot of muscle and not lose flexibility, and I do standing military to strengthen my shoulder to hold up to all the benching.

There is no reason to go past 3 times a week for any exercise (assuming we’re talking a normal weekly routine here). DB’s work nicely to assure you dont get imbalances, plus it adds another level of stabilization to the exercise that you dont get with BB benching. The downside is you cant do as much weight with DB’s, but that isnt a major issue for a pitcher.

Then you have squats, deads, etc. So many interesting exercises to do, dont just fall in love with benching.

yeah sad thing is i cant do a pullup haha… i can do db’s well like i could only bench maybe 135 once or twice… but with db i can do like 50 in each maybe 6 or 8 times … its just that the hardest rep on db’s is the first… cause if u cant get it up then ur screwed

They actually have a machine that helps you do pull-ups. I believe it’s called the gravitron or something like that. At the gym I work out at they have it, but i’m not sure what your situation is with gyms (home or schools etc.) It’s actually a pretty cool machine that i like to use to able to do multiple pull-ups.

I know the machine you’re talking about, it’s pretty cool, I’ve used it a few times.

yeah we have like an assisted pull up machine / thing u can do like dips on with weight like the less weight the harder cause itll push u up

yeah that’s what i’m talking about! :lol:

steve whats ur opinion about this