Bench press?

I’ve heard many different opinions on pitchers and the bench press. I was wondering how many of you actually do it and if you ever do your max or just 3x10.

Ehh, It’s actually safer to do dumbell presses for a pitcher… But I usually do 3 sets of about 8-12 (dumbell press)

we do a percentage of max. you can see our program on our website. its a progressive program. we’ve had no arm problems at all in the 4 years we’ve been benching … but we throw every day, do arm care excercises every day, etc.

i also do dumbell presses, but if you do do the bench i was told to never go above you weight.

who told you that?

if your 180 and happen to max out at 250, 180 isn’t gonna help you get much stronger

I don’t believe thats wat cleverrocks was alluding to.

People say pitchers should not go over their weight becuase one needs to try to avoid putting excess stress on the shoulder region.

that is true, they say you should be goin more towards the stayin flexible, i guess you don’t want the big bulky arms.

Bench press isn’t a terrible lift for a pitcher but it shouldn’t be a primary focus either. Dumbells are usually better because they allow you to do the exercise without 90 degree abduction of the shoulder.

This lift like all the others should be done through full range of motion. If you consistently go through the full range of motion then you shouldn’t lose range of motion.

There is no set weight to lift. If someone can bench 200% of their body weight then it wouldn’t make sense saying they should lift the same amount of weight as someone who can only lift 100% of their body weight.

Too often the problem with bench is that the player doesn’t work the opposing muscle groups. The muscle group between the shoulder blades should be a big focus for pitchers and this will help balance out the chest muscles. One of the worst things that can happen is that you will build your chest and lat muscles without balancing them out with the mid-trap and rhomboid muscles. You can notice someone like this by seeing their shoulders completely rolled forward.

One other thing I want to point out is that it is crucial to warm up well before benching. All the muscles around the shoulder, including the rotator cuff, have to stabilize your shoulder while you are pressing the weight so don’t just warm up your chest muscles a little bit and then go heavy. Do some bands and other shoulder warm ups before you do you benching.

So what would be the best way to balance out the bench press?

Usually variations of rowing exercises. I do design complete strength programs if you would be interested. Send me an email if you have questions.