Bench Press

hey guys whatrs up. I was wondering whether or not baseball pitchers can bench press or not. I am not talking about 30-40reps of small weights i am taking heavy weights.

I weigh 165 pounds and 5’10 and a half.

Anyways i was benching 210 pounds 10 times. My chest was pretty big and ripped and i loved it. But someone told me you are not suppose to bench press. Is this true. Is their any ways i can still bench press and have a big chest or do i completely take it out. How heavy of weights should i be using as well.

benching is good, you just need to remember to stretch a lot.

and don’t forget to workout your back muscles

I’ve always been told to never try and max out your weight lifting or anything during the season. They say it just overuses those muscles and makes you sore. I’ve noticed it a lot. You can do light forearm, bicep, and tricep work outs though. Try to get one of those resistance bands as well. They really help your flexibility and strengthen you as well.

Also guys when i was bench pressing from August to February i weighed 170 pounds i then didn’t bench so i now weigh 165 pounds. So ya i dropped a few pounds.

But can you max bench press during the offseason. Will that be okay.

As far as I know you can max out during the off season. That’s generally when I try to work out and get stronger for next year.

speaking from personal experience as well as common theory, stick to dumbbell bench press. it does not keep the shoulder in a fixed position. With the shoulder in a fixed position you majorly increase the risk of injury. I feel that you can go as heavy as your body allows (with a spotter) as long as you take the proper precautions (eg. proper warm up, use DB so your shoulder can move freely, have a spotter, stretch after workout to maintain flexibility and ROM range of motion)