Bench press aid in side-arm throwing

i was told that your pecs aid in transfer of velocity of side-arm throwing is there any truth to this? would that mean that bench press is more critical than i realized?

There is no “magic pill” lift that you can do. Maybe the pecs are used more by sidearmers than overhanders, I have no clue. But the gains from purely benching are going to be minimal at best. The are other aspects of the pitching motion that contribute far more torque and velocity than the pecs. If you start a all inclusive strength program (ie. the whole body through compound lifts), then you will begin to see the larger gains.

Check out some of the other posts on bench pressing that have been made on this forum. It’s a fairly controversial topic to say the least :wink:

benching pressing in one form or another is a great lift for the upper core and should not go unattended. Perhaps dumbell benches or bench press throws with a medball. Although there is no panacea lift for pitchers benching is important in the overall scheme of things. Its not the excercise its the limits one puts on them or better said how one goes about training.

I was not considering bench a “magic pill” it just made me realize that i shoudnt exclude from my program

I could see how the pecs would aid in sidearm pitching. Seems to make sense, but there is no proof, and should I claim it to be helpful I bet like, 30 people would jump on my case lol.
I bench because I work the reverse muscles, and don’t want to create a muscle imbalance.

Only do dumbell bench press, no regular bench press, ever!

care to elaborate?

care to elaborate?[/quote]

Snake, The best service you can do for yourself is read some of the stuff that Mike Griffen has wrote about benching and training in general, he KNOWS! The truth is there is potential for injury in doing conventional benching. That being said there is also truth in saying that chewing gum has the potential for injury, one could choke on it. Get the point! As in moderation or learning and knowing ones limits. If you take anything from this post take this, there is NO such thing as becoming half pregnant, if you will. In other words GO FOR It! DOnt cheat yourself due to some fearmongering by a few people who actually seem afraid to get out of bed in the morning for fear of injuring themselves and not being able to pitch! When in fact pitching is perhaps the most violent activity one can put his arm through. Does it makes sense to baby your body and expect it to be able to perform such a violent balistic activity to its highest potential? Theres a fine line between bravado and stupidity all you have to do is find it and know your limits and you will be FINE! Good luck!

If you are interested in training for pitching take some time to do a little research… for instance

There are 36 muscles that are anatomically utilized in the pitching motion.

Some are accelerators and some are decelerators.

Find out which muscles they are and develop them asymetrically.

All motor skill & strength training should be specific to what you are trying to do.

Good Luck

Please elaborate on this comment. Thanks.

funny this comes up…

im not a side armer but… 2 weeks ago i got off a 4week program specifically designed to increase chest muscle (HS100 Chest), it was a chest specific workout, although i did work abs as well. i did not expect any gains, i actually expected a decrease in velocity, but to my surprise i added 3mph (this also came from working on my mechanics as well). i now top out at 88mph (was topping out at 85).
The downside of this program is that when i was on it my elbow started to become very aggetated and sore when i threw, but now that i finished the program it doesnt hurt any more, i saw the gains about a couple of days ago and not whilst i was on the program.
also i modified the program so that i lifted the weights explosively.

…just thought this may be of interest?

what is your program like? and wheres it from?

The one i use at the moment is one that i created myself, after researching.

The one that i used for the chest over 4 weeks was the “HS100 Chest” program from T-nation

I thought it was a good program…but as i said my elbow started to get sore about 3 weeks into it.