Bench increasing velocity?


Does bench pressing more increase you pitching velo?


Another one of these?
A different approach.
Why do you suspect that bench press by itself would increase pitching velocity?


I mean will being able to bench more give my high school son more velocity


Pretty good correlation between power output and throwing velocity. Correlation does not prove causation though. Getting stronger and gaining muscle mass never hurts an athlete. Just take a look at this picture of aroldis chapman.


Agree with gaining size and strength.
Need to look at a full body approach as opposed to just one exercise.
I try to maintain a 1 1/2 or 2 to 1 ratio with backside to frontside work. So, lats, upper back, triceps, pull ups to balance out the frontside work of the chest, biceps ect.


The answer, as with most things, is: it depends.

Improving maximal strength in the bench press might have some carry-over to throwing a baseball but that carry-over is pretty low, if not negligible when viewed in the context of an entire training program. That being said, increasing strength and size of the prime movers involved in pressing will likely make specific training methods (exercises that mimic the speed and muscle actions involved in throwing) more effective. Also, bar speed matters. Training with faster bar speeds likely has a better carry-over to throwing than training with slower bar speeds all the time.

It’s all about when and how you incorporate these exercises into an individual baseball player’s strength and conditioning program. Importantly, maximal strength gets less and less important the stronger you get.

Unless it eats up training volume that could be otherwise dedicated to more specific – and, thus, effective – training methods. I’m not against getting bigger or stronger, particularly for younger athletes. It just has to fit in with the bigger picture.