Belgian pitcher that needs some info from you guys


Hi guys i’m Owen, i’m a 6"3-6"4 pitcher
My fastball averages from 80-83 mph with some decent movement.
Now i would like to know if i could Play college baseball with this. I know i’m nog going d1 with it but i’m thinking of junior college.
Thanks for your time


It depends, can you locate it? Do you have at least one secondary pitch that you can command? What is your age?


Yes i can locate it. I also have a slider and curvebal that i can locate ok chance up needs some work . I’m 18 and i’m in my last year of highschool
Here is some footage that could help


Based on your size and what you have said, I would yes you can play college baseball at some level.


Alright, thanks for helping me out


I have seen this general guideline posted before:

What do college baseball scouts look for in a pitcher?

Division 1

  • Pitch velocity: 84 MPH consistently; up to 95+ MPH
  • Command of at least 3 pitches
  • ERA: below 2.00
  • At least 1 K per inning pitched
  • Walk less than 1 batter per 2 innings pitched

Division 2

  • Pitch velocity: 82 MPH – 90+ MPH
  • Control of one off-speed pitch and 1 additional pitch thrown to spots consistently
  • ERA: below 3.00
  • Around 1 K per 1 innings pitched
  • Walk around 1 batter per 2 innings pitcher

Division 3 and NAIA

  • Pitch velocity: 77 MPH – 82 MPH
  • Control of at least one off-speed pitch and developing another
  • Strike out to walk ratio of 1:1
  • ERA: 2.50–3.50

Junior College

  • Pitch velocity: 80 MPH consistently
  • 1 or less than 1 K per inning pitched
  • ERA: below 4.00


Oh thanks this defenitely clears things up