Being Prepared for Emergencies

Soon the preseason will start for many of us and preparing for the unexpected is a good thing to start planning for now.

So, you and your parents/legal guardians should start gathering the following information:

  • Any and all contact phone numbers deemed necessary if in the event you have an emergency, medical or otherwise. Include in the order in which these phone numbers are to be contacted is vital to your safety as well as being timely.
  • A waiver form that allows emergency room personnel to administer treatment without delays due to waiting for parental/legal guardian consent.
  • Your insurance policy, name of carrier/insurance company, policy number to include insurance group number and code, any and all reference numbers, etc.
  • Insurance policy directives in the event of an emergency of where this provider wants you to go first for care, under certain conditions.
  • Insurance policy provisions for you traveling outside of that providers area of coverage. For example, out of state, out of a certain region - like out of New England, etc.
  • Current physician (doctor), a signed release form/waiver for any and all medical information about you on past medical health, treatments, medications, etc.
  • Guidelines in writing for any limitations for medical treatment due to your religious, ethnic, or social beliefs.
  • A large well marked bag for all your clothes and personal items (property) if in the event you have to be transported to an emergency room.
  • A copy of your current inoculations (shots) and a copy of your current physical form that was submitted to the baseball organization prior to team registration is a good idea also.

A good idea is to have all of this information in a place that can be easily located, but kept under wraps until needed. Usually a large sealed brown envelope is just the ticket with your name across the front - but nothing else. Your coaches should be aware of this envelope in the event of any emergency. A good place for this is in your equipment bag. A good policy to followup this thinking ahead is that NO ONE IS ALLOWED IN ANYONE ELSE’S EQUIPMENT BAG - NO ONE!

Some parents are reluctant to provided all of this data, believing it to be too personal just to be sitting in an equipment bag near some ballpark bench. On the other hand, I’ve been witness to the benefits of this information, when and where it was needed, that outweighed any arguments for not included said same. The notion that “it’ll never happen to us”, can be a sad excuse for that one time when it “does happen to us.”

Coach B.

Really nice list here! Beginning baseball parents and players would be wise to print this out! Thanks, Coach B!