Being careful with your shoulder workout

Doing Jobes and shoulder exercises seems to make my shoulders vulnerable to injury during pitching. My shoulders are sensitive because I really work them while on the mound. Now that it is the off season should I be doing Jobes often in order to prevent the sensitivity for next season or should I play it safe and just stay away from them?

Jobes and other rotator cuff exercises make your rotator cuff muscles stronger and that helps protect them from injury. If I had to guess, I would say that your muscles are weak and that is why they are sore. But there could also be an injury so you may want to get checked by a doctor and ask them about starting the program.

Okay I visited the Thrower’s 10 website and I tried the excersized and figured out that the External Rotation at 90 degrees abduction is the one that really hurts my shoulder. What should I do about that? Should I stop doing that one or should I progress slowly and see if I can strengthen that part of my shoulder? or should I just go see a docter?

You can try doing the exercise with less weight and building it up. Is the pain like a hurt pain or a burn? Does it feel tight like you need to stretch it? I would try stretching and strengthening and if that doesnt work you may need to get checked out.