Beginner's slider?

I was having a catch yesterday and I was trying new grips to get movement and than I remember the beginners curveball grip from this website (I don’t know where). But I forgot how to throw it so I just threw it like a fastball and let it roll off my index finger a it slid. It did exactly what a slider does. Do you think this would be a good secondary pitch, maybe a show me pitch? And is it any good for the arm or could it be harmful? I don’t think it would hurt because I’m just throwing it like a fastball. Any opinions/suggestions? Thanks.


Instead of sticking your index finger out, have you tried to just leave it next to your middle finger and throw it the same way?

Yeah, but I don’t get a lot of break when I do it. I’m gonna work on it so I don’t tip off my pitches.

Yeah i was tryin to work on a cut fastball and it kinda just turned into a slider. I guess its just how hard you throw it. When i throw it softer it gets more movement, so just mess around with it. You could get 2 pitches out of it :lol: