Before tommy john

how do u know if u will need tommy john and wat happens if u only have a partial tear on the ligament, do u still need tommy john or there is things u can do to heal it without it?

You can theoretically recover from a partial tear of the UCL.

However, since it’s a ligament you may need to take a year or more off from baseball. Just taking a few weeks or even months off is not enough.

As Chris said, it is possible to recover from a partial tear of the UCL. However, Ive seen many who are not willing to take the time and end up having Tommy John anyway. I learned the hard way. My partial tear ended up being a complete tear in the span of a fall semester. Be smart…

Gary Gary GARY!!! GO YO A DOCTOR GARY! Have it looked at, scrutinized, examined, scoped out, oculated, go now. Go on, don’t talk back. They will tell you of these things. We will encourage you and some will even share their, own experiences and we’ll all sing koom-by-yah, just lets do it after you see a doctor…ok? If they don’t know much about the arm/elbow you just ask them to send to one who does. Do it as soon as you can get through the door of their office. Waiting is bad Gary, not good, going is GOOD Gary, go Gary. This site has no doctors, well none that writes that I’ve seen, so go, Gary Go.

GO TO A DR!!! Even if its a partial tear, as someone who has had tommy john it is definitly something that needs attention!!!