Been a while-could use an extra 5mph

I haven’t been on nearly as much as I’d like to because I’m busy but here is the story. I’m in my last year in my league before I’m gonna have to play semi-pro or call it quits for competitive ball so I’ve decided to put some work in. A few things I’ve noticed myself from this:

1)My front arm is always extended straight out, I have tried to fix it by pointing my elbow but I always fall back into the old patterns

  1. My front side opens up quite a bit and my timing with my foot landing and then throwing are fairly inconsistent.

3.My elbow starts low, and taking the ball out of my glove is kind of awkward but ultimately my elbow slot I feel is good and not damaging my arm…with that being said I am open to new suggestions and things that can help.

Currently with my fastball I can can gas up and beat the occasional guy but I’m looking for an extra 5mph or so or even more solid/repeatable mechanics.

All the feedback is welcome.

EDIT Some plug came past swearing, he didn’t realize I was filming and was yelling at himself for some reason but seeing as this is a pg site I thought I’d give the warning EDIT

Two things. Firstly, you’d benefit from some glove side management. It kind of flops down and hangs around. Secondly, and most importantly in my mind, you get virtually no centre of gravity motion toward the plate to speak of. It’s kind of like you’re simply placing your front foot down in a spot, THEN you throw. I would recommend the Hersheiser (sp?) drill to focus more on getting the front hip going sideways longer. Don’t be too much in a hurry to get that front foot down. Think sideways, longer. The stride will lengthen as a result. Upper body motion looks good but I’d get that motion going toward the plate more.

dm59- Thank you for taking the time to look. I agree, I have always had bad front side management I’ve always reverted back to my old ways of just letting er’ go. I think that will be a relatively easy fix, but the rest of what you said will hopefully get me started in the right direction. I’ll be trying some of this later on the next time I throw a BP and this time on a mound.


Well, we Canadians gotta stick together, right?

Couldn’t agree more. You from Ontario as well? I did some drills and immediately realized that I lead my body with my knee/thigh instead of hip and I could immediately feel the difference in stride length. I have a game tn so I should get a BP in or some in game action to try it out.

I’m in Halifax. Good luck with the season.

I agree with the center of gravity notion. Try to keep your balance over your feet when in the stretch and try to not lean back. Keep your glove tucked and you should see some improvement. I’m not Canadian but I thought I’d chip in. :smiley:

Well I’ve given you both crap for being Canucks… :smiley:

I’m not Canadian…but I do listen to Rush AND The Crash Test Dummies AND watch Red Green…so I know everything anyone ever wanted to know about Canada… 8) …I also watch Ice Road Truckers when I’m tired of watching my grass grow or the paint peeling…though for some reason, watching it makes me crave beer…ya’ll got lots of hi jinx uppa yonda…Why Ryan Dempster won last night…I’m certain they were dancing in the streets in Winnipeg or Caribu or some other thriving metropolis’.
51, load on that back leg a bit, try to develop your power from the ground up, outside of the wild gestulations with the gs arm you’re all arm. I’d also like to see it off of a mound…you and our buddy from Montreal (4pie) want to show mechs off of the ground…get the cleats and get on a bump.