Been a lurker..time to join

I have been lurking here for about a week now. I have read a ton of post and watched alot of videos of other members kids pitch. I would have to say that this forum has to have the most helpful group of people I have ever seen on a free site!

I have two sons, one is 11 the other 9. Like every kid that plays baseball they want to pitch, the oldest has been doing it for 3 years the youngest is just starting. I can admit that I know next to nothing about pitching. I pitched when I was 10 and my coach always said “just throw strikes” we all know tht this doesn’t work. I will have our mound built this weekend, then I will get some video up and maybe someone can help me get the boys pointed the right direction.

Great to have you and good luck with your kids, get some video up and I am sure you will get a wealth of information.

Welcome to the site, theres a lot of friendly people on here to help you out.