Been a long 3 years


Hey guys, it’s been a while. Almost 3 years as far as I can tell from my last posts. Glad to see some familiar screen names still around.

Had to stop the Baseball journey for some health issues, namely extreme anxiety, panic attacks, derealization/depersonalization, blah blah not very exciting.

As part of therapy I was told it may be a good idea to start throwing a ball around again, so I did. Since then (about 3 days) I’ve been thinking about playing in a mens league or something for fun (21 now).

I now participate in power lifting, weigh 190lbs at 8% bodyfat which is 50lbs of muscle from how much I weighed at 17 when I made that signature.

I hope to stick around and contribute wherever I can and look forward to hopefully making ball a part of my life again.


Welcome back!


Welcome back!


Thanks guys!

Wales, I’m actually moving to London in about 19 days :stuck_out_tongue:


Right on it’s a decent city I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time here