Becoming a utility player


I have decided to become a utility player instead of pitching all the time. I’m becoming utility is because I want to play the positions I love (pitcher, catcher, first base, and right field). It’ll be good to play all my favorite positions instead of only playing one or two. I hope I’ve made the right choice.


I think it’s a good idea. Plus, if you can play multiple positions, I think it really helps you understand yourself as a pitcher better, you can see the perspective of your fielders and see how your pitching or your decisions on the mound can effect them.

Plus, first base is the most fun position in the field in my opinion. I played a little 3rd and outfield, as well as pitching, but I primarily played first, it was just so much fun.

If you ever want some help with stuff defensively at first let me know, I did pitch, but I was a first baseman through and through, and I still play first base whenever I get the chance to play in an alumni game, a softball game or whatever baseball variant it may be.

I played a lot of right field as well, so feel free to ask for advice there if you need it too.

Good luck!


Play all the positions you can. No reason to be a pitcher only until (and if) you decide that is what you want to do. Keep working and have fun!



Thanks for all the support @Ted22 and @Pustulio. When I’m on the mound, I see what the catcher sees, and this helps my pitching a lot. When you have the mindset of a catcher while pitching, it helps you throw the right pitches and the locations.

By the way, I’ve gotten better control with my forkball!



It’s great to play as many positions as you can, but… I can tell you that from my sons experience. He was a pitcher/ outfielder for a couple years, even lead his team in home runs one year. His pitching wasn’t consist. You just didn’t know what you were going to get when he took the mound. Pitching is tough enough as it is let alone trying to split time with hitting/fielding. Their is nothing wrong with playing some rec ball 1st/ utility but if you like my son make or get the opportunity to play on the “good” travel teams they are not usually interested in pitchers/ “name your position”,they want pitchers only. The team my son played on had 11 pitchers only. Competition for mound time was hard enough as it was without splitting practice time hitting and fielding. Sooner or later, depending on what level you want to play at you’ll need to choose. Sorry.


I wanted to follow up, as I’m sure your decision is coming from playing time? You want to be on the field as much as you can? A “GOOD” starting pitcher might only get 1 to 2 games in a tournament. My son specialty was mid mining relief and was the closer. He seen mound time multiple times in a turny. His last 2 years of travel he compiled the most innings pitched on the team, he just got it in small chunks though a lot of games. Something for you to think about?