Becoming a K-baller

alright so im having some serious arm soreness whenever I throw and its gotten to where it wont quit hurting in 1 1/2 weeks whenver I throw it hurts, I top out at about 70 mph I know below average for my age, im 15. Anyway i also Cant throw a curveball and only can throw a change up would learning a Kball be worth it? what are some tips guys thanks, I dont wanna be a full blown Kballer yet im just better at hitting than I am at pitching, but i’d still like to pitch. hard to understand? sorry. So any tips im already registered at knuckleballHQ. Im gonna start reading there tonight.

How big are you? And do you have a video of your pitching mechanics?

im 5’8" 150lbs and no im trying though.

I have nothing against knuckleballers but if i were you i wouldn’t do it. Rest your arm don’t throw everyday and expect it to get better. Shoulder pain could be caused by lack of conditioning or a problem in your mechs so get a vid up before you make any chioces

well i cant just stop throwing… im trying for a varsity spot this year and i cant just quit practicing for a week…

Go for it man! I mean I wouldn’t say become a pure knuckleballer. But try what I do and use as your off-speed/breaking pitch. You can PM me fore tips or join

Just remember, you won’t master it in a few days, you need to practice hard at the knuckleball. One thing about throwing a knuckleball is that you need to have a hard shell to criticism and your coach may not like you as a pitcher as much if you throw it. However, I have found benefits in throwing it, in fact if it weren’t for my knuckleball I’d be playing Left Field every game.

it took me a time to get throwing a decent knuckler, i had to try it for about 2 months before i could get it to work, and i still havent mastered it, but since you dont throw too hard i think a knuckler is a great option for you

How do I eliminate spin? I tried throwing today with 3 different grips 1 with 2 fingers that tim wakefield uses, 1 with 4 fingers, 1 with 3 fingers and they all spinned pretty much the same, and a little less than my fastball, and no movement yet.

Well, you may want to try different positionings and I would suggest the 2 fingered grip but only if it works for you. Try gripping on the bald spots of the ball so your fingers don’t get caught on the seams. Maybe try curling you fingers different lengths and maybe even try an earlier release point if you need to. Yes it’s difficult but you need to keep experimenting. It’s different for everyone, in fact my dad, whom I learned the k-ball from throws his entirely different from me. He throws it 3 fingered on the seams and I throw it 2 fingered on the bald spots. Also, depending on how you throw it you can get a different effect.

Mine wiggle all the way but my dad’s will go straight and dive one way or another. It’s weird but arm angle and everything play a role in it, even the way your fingers are positioned or the stiffness of your wrist.

If you would like look at the knuckleball tips and corkscrew knuckleball articles by me on the main site.

Oh and most importantly remember, don’t push, don’t flick, FIRE AND FOLLOW!!!

you have to experiment with all different grips and really work on it, i throw mine off of the knuckles which is technically wrong but it works, it will move slightly once or twice on the way to the plate and in the last few feet should take a sharp nose dive and land in the dirt, although some can be much better than others

Well depending on how you throw it and how the air current is working will change the type of movement.

In fact Hoyt Wilhelm could throw a consistent Corkscrew Knuckleball. I can get a corkscrew about 6 in 10 tries when I’m focused on it. I get a bunch of shorter wiggles and such as opposed to a big nosedive at the end though.

I have thrown a few that slow down like they came to a stop sign at the end. It is nasty and I’m trying to figure out how I can get that consistent. I have had a few that go from over the batter’s head to the ground about 5 feet away from him. It’s weird, it’ll be different.

Of course I’ve had to work even harder at it to get a consistent knuckler because I am at a higher elevation with low air density. It’s amazing what a knuckleball can do for you when it works though.

I think i may have to learn how to throw this one… Im 16 6ft1 250 and can throw maybe a 65-75 mph fastball… Havent gotten it clocked yet…
so i think this would be a great pitch for me to learn…

At your size you should be capable of throwing much much harder.

I think your mechanics need a little touching up on. Unless, even though this may be offensive, if you are fat it may be lowering your velocity. You are definitely capable of higher that 75 MPH. I’m about 5’ 11" and 186 and I’m throwing at least about 77 MPH on average.

I don’t mean to flame or anything, just think you can do better, which is actually a compliment.

Well I know i probably throw harder then that… But i got tennis elbow 2 yrs ago… and havent pitched in 6 yrs… So i have to work my arm up to throwing 80 something but for now a knuckle would be good to learn right?

and ya im a lil overweight but i move great. And as soon as i can ill try to get a video of my mechanics.


Well, just so you know, don’t expect to learn this pitch in a few weeks, it takes a long, long time to learn. I would work on both the fastball and maybe a curveball or something.