Bean Ball

Is it me or is the coach telling the pitcher to intentionally throw at a batter because he is apparently trying to steal signs from the catcher completely over the top at the 11U level?

Throwing at the head is wrong period. For a coach in an 11 yr old game? Honestly…I’d kick his a$$ after the game if it was my son who he threw at…we’d go to jail…somebody would…games gonna stop right now. We are bringing out league officials and head umps.
Stealing signs… :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: he’s trying to cheat the heat :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
I bet those parents dropped a load of swag to get such a terrific coach.

Throwning at the head is very wrong…not to say that throwing inside isn’t part of the game and even a bean ball to make a point, but at 11, I don’t think the mentality is there to understand when or why you bean a batter.

Then a bean ball for stealing signs though is totally wrong too, it’s your fault you didn’t keep the signs tight…if a coach gets his signs picked off then it’s his fault, if his catcher is getting picked off then it’s the coaches job to change them or tighen them up and really stealing signs, it’s part of the game and happens at every level.


At 11 which signs are being stolen. Pickoff, fastball, fastball, fastball, chaneup(?)

And calling for headhunting. That coach needs his A$$ kicked. I agree, buwhite, 11 year olds don’t have the mentality to understand beaning someone, but the “coach” thinks he does.

Too many of these guys watch baseball movies or MLB games and declare themselves coaches. Their experience watching MLB managers on tv surely qualifies them to coach. Right?

Ive got to agree with buwhite on this one. None of my coaches called a bean ball until High School. Even at my freshman year I thought it was cheap as a player. I remember thinking “Is he serious calling that; I’d rather strike him out” So, I intentionally missed twice and threw inside and almost hit him both times. Sorry coach! lol

I dont think you should “code red” someone until the Varsity level at high school. Most problems could be stopped before they happen if the umpires took a more proactive approach.

You should never go upstairs, or even close to it with an inside pitch. No matter what has happened before. I had an all american and D1 kid get hit in the face after a home run a few years back - first pitch after a home run and the umpire did not say a word. Only time Ive even been ejected. And the pitcher was wearing Bryce Harper eye black.

If you are going to send a message, aim for the hip hone. Miss high and you are in the rib cage, low and you are in the thigh, either way it gets the point across and you dont kill the person.

Most of the time when you call for a “inside” pitch, the pitcher does not get the sign (or pretends like he doesn’t) or misses anyway. So the better question is - do you call for it again after a miss???

[quote=“Turn 22”]Seriously???

At 11 which signs are being stolen. [/quote]

Stop signs. Street signs. Astrological signs. . . . .


That’s just insane calling for a bean ball at that age.

Kids have no clue what that does or the seriousness of the actions and the negative effect it could have on themseleves and the poor kid getting plunked.

Not to mention at that age how many coaches are teaching that in practice??

I remember in HS watching a clip of a DI game that showed a guy getting nailed straight on in the face all because he squared up to bunt.