Be patient with yourself

A lot of youngsters and their families want to learn and apply what they learn by “hitting the ground running”. That’s not only unfair to you as a player, but this “rushing things” can do more harm than good.

I’d like to share an experience with you - especially the younger player, that highlights this.

A good friend of mine who retired a few years ago did some private coaching with a kid that was learning the craft for the very first time. After winter training sessions in the gym and a stint outside in the spring, the kid joined a summer league and tried out for pitcher – and made it. This club needed pitchers badly – any pitcher.

I was invited to watch the kid one Saturday morning at a local park, and to the kid’s credit he didn’t do all that bad. During the fifth inning, the kid was motioned out of right field to relieve the 4th pitcher that was sent in. After his allotted warm ups, he started. A rough start for his first inning of play, but the next inning saw slight improvement. On the other hand – not once did he lose his composure, his form, his smooth delivery. He ended
his appearance with a decent showing for his first time out … no soreness, arm or elbow pain, or discomfort in the neck and lower back.

As we were leaving the kid’s coach remarked to his dad that all the coaching that this kid was supposedly getting didn’t do him much good that day.

My friend overheard this and walked up to this coach and looked him up and down and remarked that he (the coach) looked like he was in pretty good shape. This coach responded with “ that’s right – what about it?” My friend suggested that he go out and buy a brand new pair of wingtip shoes … and right out of the box … take a twenty (20) mile walk for himself. He also suggested that his physical condition – although being in – his – prime , was going to get an entirely different message from his dogs! A message he’d due well to listen to when coaching youngsters.

Coach B.

What’s wrong with people? If you don’t mind me asking how old this kid was?