BBCOR bats and pitching

If you’re so worried, why not just make him stop pitching, the problem goes away for you. If enough dads did that, the problem would take care of itself.

I am confused, your son is 5 ft, 102lbs and is using a BBCOR bat, he is throwing from 50 ft with 200 to 230 foot fences? Is your son using BBCOR just to be cool or what? I don’t understand the point, if your son is 12 or so like I would imagine, he doesn’t have the bat control to use a BBCOR bat (I don’t care how good a batter he is) he needs to develop bat control from developing wrist strenth by using a bat proper for him, maybe a drop 8 or so. You also are saying that half the hitters on a 12 yr old team is using the BBCOR vs other bats?

I agree with scorekeeper (did I just say that?) if you are so worried get him off the bump, or maybe get him one of those pitching helmets. How about this, good pitchers that work on good fielding positions rarely have issues with comebackers they just field their position and make plays.

1/8 to 1/4 inch more bat barrell doesn’t make the bat more effective you still need to square the ball up in order to hit it hard, otherwise it’s just weak ground balls and weak pop ups, big barrell and thin barrell to hit a ball hard is still the same place on the bat

BBCOR standard is a good movement toward making bat pop a less important part of the game and I agree that bats should react more like a wood bat in order to make the game more defensive, so I totally agree with you with those comments, but moving to wood isn’t the right thing to do, my son shreds a couple of wood bats every couple of wood bat tournaments so for us the comment about cost is mute, I drop 40-60 bucks every couple of tournaments. I just bought a BBCOR for my son for $50 and it really seems to have good pop, good sweet spot and cheap, I didn’t need to buy the $300 bat.

BBCOR standards are here to stay. At least til non wood bats are illegal all together.

No longer will “Johnny” spray the ball to the wall off the end of the bat. Skill is coming back with guns blazing.

As far as pitching goes, pitchers are going to gain some advantage if thats what you call it. Pitchers who will gain from this “advantage” will be able to work the corners more effectively and pitch to the off center hits, getting their poopups and double play ground balls.

Just My Opinion.

I play in a very weak division, there are only 2 good teams. So against almost every team I am just going to start using my cutter more away to get ground balls.

Im from Canada, since i was 13 ive been playing on major league size fields (320ish left and right, 400 center) and everybody uses BESR until 15u years old, sophomore i guess youd call it in the US, after 15u everybody uses wood. I actually feel wood take alot more skill because there are many more grounders that have to be picked up and thrown to first and alot less great pitches being taken deep. It makes for much faster games as well as closer games. Im all for just going to BBCOR bats, if the performance of BBCOR and wood are the same except BBCOR wont break nearly as easy, why not put $100 into one bat with equal performance to all others(because of the BBCOR standards) and will last you all season instead of having to buy 3 $80 wood bats a season.