BBALLER13333 TUFF CUFF Workout Regime...Start to Finish

I just got the league leader stats today. But since i was in every category, it had all my stats on there.

My division is by far the toughest division in 3A baseball in Washington. We had 3 of our teams go to the State Playoffs…We missed out by 1 game :(.

My Stats:

Games: 5
CG: 3
IP: 27.0
ER: 19
R: 19
H: 30
SO: 23
BB: 15:
HP: 2
ERA: 4.93
W: 3
L: 2

Rankings (List the top 20 for each):

Hits Per 7/IP: 12th
Strikeouts: 10th
Walks per 7/IP: 16th
Win-Loss Record: 10th
Wins: 2nd

Overall: 12th

Pretty good season. I also have committed to Green River Community College and the coach has asked me if I wanted to play first base again. So I may be taking up first base again, but for now pitching is always my main focus.

Again I am going to try and get this log going again. Since my baseball season ended I havent really played for about 3 months. I have hit a couple times, but have not pitched. A kid that was supposed to start catching for me is leaving for Atlanta for this week and wont be able to catch me until next week. Hopefully I can find some1 else or I will just throw at a backstop if need be.

I havent been able to get motivated to go workout because I have been caught up in chilling at my friends house and playing video games and stuff. I have packed on all the weight I lost before the last baseball season and Im having a hard time getting motivated to eat right as well.

I think I was eating right during school because it was much easier to eat on a schedule because school and the gym took up my whole day basically and I wasnt tempted to eat as much. Now I try to eat good and I usually do for half the day, but once the evening roles around my cravings kick in and I just cant hold back on them. It is really curtailing any progress I probably could be having on losing weight.

I am hoping that writing this and keeping up to date on it will help me because I will only want to post good things and not bad things. I am going to try really hard to get self-motivated again and I will probably try and do some agility sessions every other day with a personal trainer at my gym. And lift the other days.

I really need to start pitching because I have Fall Ball for my college team coming up on September 15th. I already have a spot, but I dont want to show up unprepared, but it is tough when you have no resources to pitch to. I guess I will have to suck it up and start getting to work.

Here is my Weight now…

282 lbs.

What I want to be down to before the official college season starts which is a pretty good amount of time away…

245-250 lbs.

This is do-able because I made that my goal before last baseball season with less amount of time to do it and I went from 285 to 254. Now as you can see I am back up to 282 and I need to buckle down and get my weight under control.

Wish my luck guys!

I got into the gym today and I finished my entire workout. I decided to take NO-Xplode again to try and get my focused and it really helped. I have been quitting out early and skipping cardio lately, but today I did all the lifting I wanted to get done and I did 35 minutes of cardio.

Hopefully this is a sign that I am getting back on track again.

I havent posted in here for awhile like I said i was going to. I have been suffering from some depression the past few weeks, but I think that I am snapping out of it.

I honestly think it was due to me not working at baseball and really not doing much at all but sitting in my room playing games on the computer. Ive been hitting almost every day now and throwing every 2 or 3 days and I am feel a lot better, not only physically but my head is becoming clearer also.

Tomorrow I am going to get the supplies I need to eat a consistent healthy diet and then monday im hitting the gym. It is closed tomorrow, so I am just going to go hit again in the evening, it has been 90 degrees and humid the past 3-4 days, so I wait until there is about 2 hours of daylight left, when it is cool to go out and hit.

I will try to post in here every so often. Fall ball tryouts are in a little less then a month and I need to get ready because I am going to go and play 1B on top of pitching.