Batting report if anyone cares

4 for 4 with a double and 3 singles

1 walk

4 stolen bases :shock:

i was wondering, because you live so close, what league do u play in, and what team/ age group? Do you play in COBA?



thats missisauga north baseball association right? i play for waterdown and we play liek 5 Mississauga teams in our league

yea mississauga north baseball accossiation

ok cool, so is that like houseleague baseball?

this is my first year playing baseball so i thought id play house league till i got better

shitty thing is… none of the batters can hit off me cause im a junkball pitcher and throw high 60’s low 70’s while the rest are lucky if they reach 60

so i got no idea if im good or if they suck

ha yeah i remember when i started playing, when i was 11 i think i started and i was striking everybody out and now that i play rep its a little different, if you dominate everyone your proilly pretty good and most guys arent

Too bad any of you playing bantam rep didnt live in manitoba atleast, and if you’re team was any good I’d be playing against you in westerns here.
What level do you play? slipetz?
and Pheen, touching 70 is good, especially for house, if you have control, im the number 2 guy on our team, and for the most part were like, 2 and 11 in this round(alberta baseball is weird) but we’ve played 8 games against the top 2 teams in alberta and lost them all by 1 or 2, or in one case we got shut out 4-0, and I hit mid 70’s every once in a while, and our number 3 guy is low 60’s but keeps it low and gets a ton of ground balls. Our ace throws around 80 though and gets taken out of the park cause of how hard he throws.

Wait, do you guys play little league?

yeah i play bantam(15u)AAA rep baseball