Batting practice time

Well, I bought tickets to go see a blue jays game this weekend vs the bosox. It is a day game, and i bought tickets in the 100 section, lower level of the left field outfield (where Big Frank, Wells and Rios all happen to pull) and I am planning to go there in time for batting practice, to catch some baseballs. When would they start doing it?

Note: It is a day game.

Would be nice to find out, thanks.

You would probably be best off calling the Blue Jays [organization].

Honestly, I’m not even sure if the team would do live BP for an early day game…

Anyway, have fun!

the jays usually do bp like an hour and a half to two hours before games i think… and im going to the home opener friday, where the jays are gonna beat up on the bosox.

I don’t know if they have a night game before yours, but I know the Phillies don’t have BP the day after day games.