Batting good for pitching?

coach was saying how most of the muscles used for batting are used for pitching also…

so he had us swing with this 10 pound bat

is it me… or is he a bit retarded?

let’s see arms of course(pitch & hit) waist, pretty much core muscles in both actions… but the ten pound bat would raise some eyebrows :?

I know what the coach is referring to as I have taught that both skills are similar and all of the muscles are used but in a different capacity.The 10 pd. bat confuses me. I don’t even like the donut as a batting aide but prefer the weight closer to the hands and made such a training aide. Ask the coach to explain the relationship to pitching. If there is no answer, do your own homework and share it with the coach. We should be able to learn from each other.

i asked him at yesterdays game

he said the abdominal, arm and leg muscles used for batting are also used for pitching.

he said since i have a hard throw for my size he thought he would skip the light weight and move right onto heavy stuff to condition my muscles for more innings

lol this coach knows as much as nothing. THere are study’s that have proved that a weighted bat slows down your bat speed anddoesn’t increase it.

Also hips are big but you should be doing alot of core but not with a bat and swinging. I want to confrount him and teach.

For your size that means nothing if you know how to use your body then you don’t need to get big and getting big would hurt your pitching.

[quote=“RIstar”]lol this coach knows as much as nothing. THere are study’s that have proved that a weighted bat slows down your bat speed anddoesn’t increase it.

Theres no reason to degrade a coach on one thing he says. Don’t give people wrong impressions or bad ones of their coach. All in all he’s still your coach no matter how bad or good he is.

Oh and for the weighted bat thing if it really does slow down your bat speed how come you always see major leaguers doing it. I think it might be mental. Bat speed really isn’t that important. If you hit the ball solid it will go far as long as you hit it in the right spot with decent bat speed you can still be a consistent hitter even if you don’t have a lot of power.

Bower…your first paragraph was very appropriate. The 2nd paragraph, in my opinion, relative to bat speed, what pros do on deck and decent bat speed etc. can be debated. Many and maybe all scouts love to talk about bat speed and arm speed.It must have to do with how fast and how far a ball travels.

The reason MLB hitters do it is because they think it works but study’s have shown that after you switch bats it doen’t work after a couple of swings.

Lol let me rephrase that. I meant that the added bat speed gain from the weighted bat isn’t that big of a gain and that a lot i think is mental like fast pitcher warm up with a heavy bat just puts you into the game and the pitcher. Also bat speed is important but if you can hit the ball you can hit the ball. Even if you don’t have tremendous power if you have good speed and you hit the ball good you’ll have scouts looking for you. Most people aren’t gifted enough to have a good bat without a lot of bat speed. Same thing with pitching. You can be a decent pitcher without a lot of speed but its more rare to see a pitcher like that then to see one who throws hard.

I usually see major leaguers doing it i don’t have any kind of figure on the percent or anything but I usually see them doing it. Maby I’m wrong i dunno i just see a lot of them doing it. I never warm up with a bat weight unless it’s a very fast pitcher.