Batting Gloves

Hey, I’m going to be buying some batting gloves tommorow night, and I wanted to know if anyone knows any good/reliable brands to get.

I like Hideki Matsui’s batting gloves, but I have a good mind they’ll cost a pretty penny.

I have the LousvilleSlugger TPX bionic gloves and I like them a lot. They seem pretty flexible and they have little areas of padding on the fingers so it helps with gripping the bat. Pretty cool. I’ve also used the Nomar gloves which are pretty nice too but I’d give the edge to the Bionic. I’d say the $5 is worth it.

I think I will get the "Louisville Slugger TPX Pro Design Series " Gloves, the black variety w/ white spots on fingers, they look awesome, and as he said, they are good quality, feel free to add more suggestions, I am still looking for them!

P.S. I just found the Hideki Matsui gloves. They looked alot better on TV. They are hideous.

are my favorite; very comfy and stylish.

edit: woops, double post :oops:

I have these ones. They have so much grip and the are very comfortable.

Does anyone know any good stores that sell batting gloves?

Dick’s has the best selection in my opinion. most of them are nike or under armour, which happen to be my 2 favorite

I ended up getting the Mizuno Franchise batting gloves, tried them today. They are very comfortable and I reccomend them.

ck out these new batting gloves. they have protective technology in them.