Batting gloves

Does anyone know of a comfortable pair of batting gloves that don’t get crusty and hard? I’ve been using a pair of Easton’s that just seem to get harder and harder each time I use them. Any suggestions?

Some hitters use a substance, like pine tar, with their gloves. Others use a gripping agent. In either case, these materials will sooner or later impact the condition of your gloves. Also, if you don’t use any gripping material, the sweat from your hands will do a number on the glove’s material composition.

Here’s an alternative to using the standard baseball batting glove - try on a few weight lifting gloves. Some styles are just perfect for gripping your baseball bat, in addition to keeping your hands in the best possible “grip” phase while swinging for contact. Just be mindful of the thick padding that some of these weight lifting gloves have on the palm and on the gripping fingers. Again, check out the various styles.

And another thing, these things aren’t cheap. So, if your just in this sport for the fun of it, just keep buying the most inexpensive batting glove on the market and let that be that. On the other hand, if your a serious hitter, wanting to take this part of your game to the hightest level you can, check out those weight lifting gloves that I suggested - try on as many as your can, so you get just the right fit. And DON’T us any other gripping agent, except maybe rosin. Weight lifting gloves can handle rosin.

Coach B.

Thanks Coach B.

When I use my metal bat for high school, I just use the Pro Tack tape that came on it for grip. When use wood for practice and legion, I use hockey tape. I haven’t noticed that these affect the gloves in any way. But, it does tend to rain allot where I am so that could be causing the leather to seize up.


also what brand of gloves would you recommend?

Put your gloves in a ziplock bag and they won’t get crusty. Works!

O.k. man ill try it but now I have another question, how do you soften them back up?

the nicest nikes available are good for a while

Mizuno Vintage Pro G2. They cost $11 and are great. Now they still take wear, but Ive used them for two seasons and no crust. I suggest that might want to get the G3 instead though. Most guys on TV wear that one. I can think of Victor Martinez and Chipper Jones off the top of my head.

If there crusty put em in the bag and they will soften up… Make sure you dont put them in too long or they will get damp and tear.

I never had problems with Franklin batting gloves. They always fit nice and didn’t get to crusty or hard.

Thanks guys for all your info, ill try out those batting gloves next time I go and ill check out that plastic bag.

oh and i think you are right about the Franklin’s, i found a pair in my garage that look over 10 years old and they’re still pretty soft.

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