Batting cage netting

I want to make a batting cage/pitching cage

I plan to make my own mound and plan to hang up the netting using wiring so I don’t need a frame but does anyone know where to find cheap netting?

would golf netting or fish netting work as well?

I want it to be around 70ft long and every where i look its like 800 plus. Any alternatives?


I have a batting cage in my backyard. We got the netting for around $300 dollars from a site on the internet. i’m sorry though i can’t remember what site or anything, it was a while ago. Also, i’d get one that is rain and weather proof.

Hmmm how big is the netting you got? and if you could find it i would love you

Google for it. Back when I was contemplating putting up a cage for my kids I searched the internet. There were a number of companies inluding a fishing supply company that sold netting. I think Baseball Express sells the wiring kits or you can go to Home Depot and make your own.

I assure you that I have Googled it for the better part of two weeks and the netting the size im looking for ( 70’x14’X12’) is 500 plus and Im looking for a better deal lol.

Out of curiousity how much would a portable power supply cost to power a pitching machine? I could take it to a near by field so I wont need a batting cage.

Okay so Im scrapping the idea of a batting cage for now… Im still going to get a pitching machine but do you guys know of a decent power supply I can lug out there with me to power the hitting machine as most fields have little or no outlets?