Batting Averages 11u travel ball?

Anyone have any idea what batting averages should be in 11u travel ball. I assume they do not consider runs on errors at this age.

As long as your having fun the stats will take care of themselves. Don’t get caught up in them.

Not caught up in them. I do not share them with my son nor does he know I am keeping track this year. Just curious what other kids are hitting?

Depending on the year and the kid…my 3 kids have hit anywhere from 300-750 for a tournament. I have never kept track over a year, or kept track for any league etc. My kids would think about it after the last game and come up with a number for their stats for that tournament…of course the only thought to them was, “can i improve that next week?”.

Depends on the definition of a “hit” and who’s keeping score. In youth baseball scorekeepers tend to be rather liberal in awarding “hits”, especially to family members and friends. I remember one game this season when we had only 2 or 3 clean hits in the game and yet at the post-game team gathering our scorekeeper announced we had 11 hits! :lol: And of course at the end of the season the “in” coaches’ sons all had batting averages over .500 - when there is no way in hell they had a clean hit every other at bat! :lol:

We are part of a 10U travel team that plays with some decent to VG teams through out the year. Our team is overall pretty good at the plate and our team average is around .320 or so. The lowest is .175 and the highest .465 (my son :lol: ). We use gamechanger and score our kids very honestly.