Batters view of a pitch

Id like to see a video of different pitches from a batters view. It doesnt have to be real. Could be drawn. Pics are ok. But video would be best. Any one know where to get one?

You might be able to get some idea of where the pitch is by watching the MLB Gameday, where they have graphics of the trajectories of pitches—where they are in relation to the strike zone. For example, with someone like Robinson Cano at bat, the first pitch might be high and well outside the strike zone, therefore ball one. It gets fascinating when the batter fouls off one pitch after another; it can pile up in a rainbow of colors. :slight_smile:

The reason is I’d like to see the spin on the ball of the pitch. All these pitching sites shows how to grip the ball, but if it doesnt spin correctly , it dont matter. I want the see exactly with a dot looks like on a slider. The spin 12-6 of a curve ball. and the other pitches. That info, will help make a better pitcher. I bought Steve Ellis book “pitching grips” but ., no offence it didnt help a bit. I could grip the ball the right way, but I cant tell if the spin on it is correct. Making that book WORTHLESS.

If you’re going to be spending all your time trying to figure out what the spin should be, you’ll be doing just that and nothing else. Instead, why not just throw the ball and work on location and getting a good break on your pitches? Too much attention to various minutiae really serves no useful purpose.

Learning proper spin is more important then break , my gosh. It aint gana break if it dont have the proper spin. The grip aint important if the spin coming off the hand is not proper. There are a few ways to throw a curve ball. THe most important Thing is a 12-6 or a 3-9 spin. I could grip a curve ball right and throw a hanging 3-9 curve with a lot of break and it dont mean nothing. Its gata be a 12-6 or what ever I want it to be.

Everyone doesn’t have the same spin on the ball, look at Mariano, there aren’t many (any) guys that are able to repeat what he does with pretty much one pitch even with all the technogy and video in the world. You need to work on what is going to work for you, not how someone elses pitch rotation looks like vs yours. Find the pitches, locations, movement that works with the skills you have.

By the way telling someone like Zita that “spin is more important than break, my gosh” is just a little embarassing on your part and honestly you might want to go back, read the previous posts from her and consider what she is telling you. Have a little respect kid.

On the subjest of Stevens book, so now you know the grips right! Next step, are you getting movement? Yes, then you are throwing it right and you work on making adjustments in your mechanics to either deceive the hitter more or to get more action from the ball. If the answer is no, then I would post that as a question here, I have the grip etc but I am not getting the pitch to break. Last is how to use it in a game, when to use it, how to set it up or use it as a set up.

Plaz I think your comments about Stevens book being “Worthless” and the advice Zita gave you will make you a “Better pitcher” but you gotta listen, learn and be willing to change.

well when your throwing a 12-6 it should be pure topspin (end over end) and with a slider you want the dot to be on the back top end of the ball. when you throw it wrong the dot will be on the front, it wont move much if any at all and the batter will know its coming because he see’s the dot. also think about it, if you throw a hanging 3-9 curveball with a lot of break thats just bad location, not bad spin.

If you search Mariano’s cutter on youtube, there’s a video by the ny times newspaper about the spin on his cutter, 4 seam, and an average slider.