hey guys,
i’m trying out for a showcase team in a couple weeks, and they are in a wood bat league. i would like to know what brand of bat would be the most durable. i’ve already broken two Rawlings Big Sticks and i don’t know what to do, im starting to run low on cash! i’d appreciate some ideas to help solve this problem.

Get a composite wood bat such as BAUM. Most wood bat leagues allow them – except in pro ball. Very durable.

[quote=“Steven Ellis”]Get a composite wood bat such as BAUM. Most wood bat leagues allow them – except in pro ball. Very durable.[/quote]i heard they work really well, also, any maple bat is good, or bamboo

thanks, i wasn’t sure about the composite bats. i heard a lot of them aren’t legal to use, but i didn’t know of BAUM

I recommend bwp - Brookville Wood Products
Model 243 - Hard Maple
Used by Minnesota Twins Justin Morneau &
New York Yankee Johnny Damon
They advertise over 150 professional players use them.

I live near enough to the factory that I walked in one day, picked the wood, had it painted and laser engraved right there while I watched the whole process of how they made the bat. This is a small factory that is really producing quality bats.

I prefer the Louisville M9. A teammate of mine uses an X Bat and likes it a lot. I think a lot of pro’s use X Bats.

check out Andre only uses MLB wood but only charges $55 for maple and $40 for ash. I have used these bats this spring and am extremely satisfied. Same models as LS and SamBat. Let him know Chris from WI recommended NYStixs to you.

Baum bats are nice, if you do manage to break one I think they have a warranty thing where they’ll send you a new one. I’ve never seen one break though.

well our coach has let our team grab 3 bats to use, probably 1 allum and 2 wood, and these composites are very interesting. We already have 3 or 4 sam bats and a few rawlings big stick pro and performance models.