Bat Weight


I was told that if you loosen up with a bat weight on the same bat you use in a game you actually decrease your bat speed. Is this true?

If so, what do you recommend?


I’m pretty sure the weight actually has no effect on your bat speed, it just makes the bat feel lighter. Try getting a bench player to give you some soft toss while your in the “hole” or hitting off of a tee. When you get on deck focus on timing the pitchers speed. Hope that helped

I don’t think it really materially effects anything, the lighter feeling of the bat is more of a mental advantage than anything.

A donut will slow down your batspeed. Trust me. Sportscience did an experiment on it.

Here is what I was told:

Despite what you see on TV with pros doing it, the scientific
research has show that warming up on deck with a bat that has a
weight attached actually slows your swing down. Swinging a
lighter-than-game-weight bat is what can help speed up your swing.
Why, because it recruits more fast-twitch muscle fibre which is then
prepped and ready for the game swings. Bat weights and other forms of
resistance training do have their place - in developing stronger
muscles - but not in developing quicker ones. So I would restrict use
of weights (donuts, sleeves, wings) to your training program
(off-season, pre-season) but when your in the on-deck circle, swing a
light rod or a bat several ounces lighter than your game bat.

If you haven’t noticed though all the best in the game do that, when the bat feels lighter you have more confidence. This game is played primarily in the head. It’s the mental aspect of doing it that helps you.

Whatever gives you confidence at the plate you should do, it was also proven that a corked bat actually decreases the distance a baseball goes but indeed people that do it say it made them a better hitter, why? Because confidence is a bigger part of this game than most people give credit.

Feel isn’t always real TJ.

You’re not understanding Kevin, it’s about the confidence it gives a batter, that’s why people have little superstitions, even if science says it’s not productive psychologically it is.

Overconfidence= over-swing(maybe)

No, confidence and cockiness are two different things, if you have confidence in your swing you won’t overswing, that’s the point, if you have a lack of confidence you try to hit the ball harder and swing too hard (sometimes).

None of this applies to everyone but this is why it works and why MLBers do it.

Yes, a weight slows your bat down (slightly), but I am starting to agree with you that it is more mental than anything. Same thing with corked bats. It doesn’t help you in anything but in the mind, it won’t give you more power.

If you want to find out what gives you more power take your bat speed and bat weight and divide it by two. This will translate into the amount of power you have. That is why people with decent bat speed and a heavy bat has a ton of power, like Ryan Howard and Adrian Gonzalez.

Your swing should be quick enough that you can get to mostly any speed, without having to start earlier…

I know this is about bat weights, but it would be better just to compact your swing, and get stronger…

Exactly, that is what I did, and I hit 20 hrs during soft-toss and an impromptu 4-man game today.

[quote=“PScrub”]Your swing should be quick enough that you can get to mostly any speed, without having to start earlier…

I know this is about bat weights, but it would be better just to compact your swing, and get stronger…[/quote]

swinging a weighted bat aggressively will slow your swing, however, if you use it to loosen up your shoulders and take easy swings it will not do that. The idea behind this is that a flexed muscle does not have as much extension as a relaxed muscle. Relaxed has different levels of meaning but when you waggle at the plate, you are creating it. If you swing a weighted bat aggressively you are tensing up all your muscles you will use in a swing, and it does affect your speed.