Bat Size

Two kids:

  1. 4’8" tall, 95 lbs.
  2. 4’7" tall, 78 lbs.

Both are athletic 10 yr. olds and will be playing up in a 11u rec. league. I expect pitch speeds of high 40’s to high 50’s thrown from 48’.

Looking for bat recommendations, length and weight for each kid.

Well take them to a sporting goods store and let them feel different bats and let them decide which ones feel comfortable for them. Try to go lighter because bat speed is more important than bat size.


#1 went with a 30/20 Worth Lithium Prodigy.
He had a good season, batting just under .500, while slugging around .650.
Initially after buying it, the head coach thought was too big/heavy, that he would have trouble getting around on faster pitchers. That was never an issue.

#2 went with a 28/19 Easton Stealth.
He had about a .360 avg. for the season.
I think he would’ve been better with a slightly larger bat.
In rec leagues the umps have a tendency to open up the strike zone a bit. Hitting those outside pitches was definitely easier for #1 with the extra 2", and the larger sweet spot on the Prodigy surely helped as well.

Kids try to use bats that are way to big and heavy, they think it will make you hit the ball better but it just makes them swing slow. This year I am moving up to a 32" drop 5 since it is my last year before high school ball and -3 bats. At 10 I used a 28/19 and I never used a bat that had a drop over -9 just didnt fee right. There were kids on my 13 u team that were trying to use -3 and they weren’t ready, they weren’t strong enough. I would like to use a 33/30 as a freshman.