Bat Repair

I recently bought a cheap, used 32/27 “transition” bat for my son off a popular auction site. It’s a Louisville Slugger TPXXLS, 2 5/8 barrel. He smacked three balls with it in last nights game, two doubles and shot caught by the 3B. On the last hit the end cap of the bat blew off. Is it possible to repair this with a strong epoxy or other means?

Thanks for any suggestions…

More often than not, when the top came off, the fitness of the diam of the bat was damaged. I mean damaged in the sense that the bat’s roundness is no longer round. It’s probably egg shaped … with somewhat of flat spot on it… along the length of the barrel, from the length of the 18" ring** to the part where the cap came off.

If you’re talking a very young baseball league, an inexpensive bat from a dept store will be a good replacement. I would not recommend repairing it with supper glue or anything like it. Also, check with the league that your son is in … they might have something to say about it.

One of my players had a relative who was playing 10 - 12 baseball, and the kid’s team went all the way to the playoffs, when it was found that better than half of their bats were illegal. From what I gathered it caused a big problem for all concerned. So, doctoring your son’s bat might be considered out of bounds … rule wise. Check with your son’s league.

Coach B.
** From the heel of the bat … its nob end, just below the hand grip, then measuring 18" up the barrel of the bat … is where pine tar or other gripping agents can be applied so the batter has an enhanced grip. BEYOND that 18" measurement … usually called the “ring”, the bat can have not substance(s) on it that might influence the bat’s performance when striking the ball.