Bat Question

Anyone familiar with the Combat bats ?

I’m trying to find my 12 year old a bat for this season and a friend of mine swears by them.

IMO all bats are the same

all bats are def. not the same you obviously have never used a top of the line easton or tpx compared to even there lower models its a huge difference…i have no experience with combats but ive heard some good things about them but i cant confirm those myself

Thanks. He’s used Easton and Rawlings in the past and likes them. I can without queston state that all bats are not created equally. At some point, you have to step up and hit the ball but all things equal, bats do make a difference.

i use a 34in Easton hammer and i’d say that $60 bat is way better than a $214 Stealth

I would def. not trust a newer company like that. I would stick with some of the older “powerhouse” companies like Easton, or Louisville Slugger.

yeah and thats why you shouldnt give anyone advice on what bat to use, i have wood bats with more pop then an easton hammer

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I really can’t say how good they are, sorry. But this bat does look pretty sick:

But I did notice, for baseball, they seem to aiming at younger kids as of right now. They have 3 drop 3’s and everything else goes from -4 to -14. How long do you think your son is gonna use a bat that isn’t drop 3? (I’m assuming he will be getting one with a bigger drop to it)

if i was you i would wait till next season when your son will be playing junior high baseball and get him a -3 stealth.

Take into account that besides the -3 drop, he may outgrow the length.

yea you need to factor in his size. i would recommend a 32in 29 oz bat just in case. its a good length and relatively nice weight

He’s 5’ 2’’ and weighs 101 lbs ( and still growing), he’ll be 13 on June 9. He will play with the 12’s for Little League because of where his birthday falls as well as with his weekend team ( only going to play a couple tournaments). I was thinking a 30 " 20 oz bat. He had a 28 ounce 19 1/2 oz. last year and really hit the ball well. Quite frankly, I’m concerned that the 28" bat will have issues covering the plate. He will definitely see more outside pitches this year espcially since the pitchers are more accurate. Worried that this might sacrifice bat speed though.

When you don’t ever hit the ball it doesn’t make much of a difference :wink:

i am not very familiar with them, i would get a nike, it has lasted my 2 yrs. and gonning strong