Bat Logos

I’ve recently gotten into making my own bats and have several clients interested in purchasing them. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or recommendations for the best ways to get a logo onto a bat. Are there different techniques? I found someone who is willing to do some engraving for me but they charge a lot…I’m trying to keep the cost of production as low as possible. I’m willing to buy equipment that will help me brand all my bats, I’m just not sure what that equipment is.


I would think an artist that makes brands for livestock etc would be the best way to find someone with the talent and equipment to make what you want, in addition you know that he will make you something that is going to last.

And with regard to bat logos, I remember a story about one batter—it may have been Rogers Hornsby or someone like that—who was once asked: when he came up to bat, which way did he hold the bat, with the logo side or the blank side facing out. His reply: “When I go to bat, I go to hit, not to read.” :slight_smile:

Not sure, put I would think those wood burning pens would work. They are basiclly sadering irons. You just have to have a little artistic touch.

My uncle does a lot of wood related things, he said that the best place to get pens for a newbie are from amazon

Hope that helps, and if you get a chance I would like to see your logo once you get your first logo burned into your bat!