Bat Drag


I have a son who has some pretty severe bat drag. Does anyone know any drills I can use to help cure it. It looks like when he starts his swing his back elbow slots into his hip immdeadiately, then his elbows start leading his hands. Thanks for the help.



I would really need to see that swing. He may be dropping not only his elbow, but his back shoulder. It’s not bad to slot the bat. It’s got to be something else that’s exaggerating the movement. What do you consider the start of his swing? Is he dropping his hands before his stride foot lands? Again…it would be best to see this swing from the other batter’s box perspective or from behind.


Coach Paul attached is a video from a couple of weeks ago while we were hitting some balls off the tee. In the Video he is using a drop 7.5 wood bat, which we have since stopped using due to the weight, but swing looks the same as this with his drop 10 aluminum bat he regularly swings now.


First of all, he’s moving his hands all over the place including to the rear during his load phase. His hands should not move during the load phase, and they absolutely should not move backward and down. The hand position at 31 seconds is proper, but at 35 seconds his hands are behind him and when his elbow drops to the slot it’s behind him setting up the bat to be very slow through the zone.
Another key to a successful load phase is getting weight shifted to the back side and keeping it there throughout the stride. Weight needs to not come forward before the bat