I’m a senior in high school looking to make it somewhere pitching. i’m left at an impass this winter on whether or not to try out and hopefully play on the school hoops team. i played up until last year but took it off to focus in the weight room and my velocity took a good jump. i could do both basketball and get some work in for baseball but definately not quite as much. any thoughts? i really like basketball and missed it a lot last year but the weight room showed it can really help me pitching. what do i do?

Well… I was in the same situation. I talked to a few D1 coaches and they prefer multi sport athletes. I gave it some serious thought also but then changed my mind. You can still get a ton of work in while doing basketball. I found plenty of time last winter to multi task and play basketball and work on my baseball. Plus basketball is gonna make you more agile, quicker, increase endurance, and make you faster! Great sport. I would prefer going out. Good luck!

Makes me feel very proud to be who I am!!