Basketball or Baseball?

I’m 6-1, 140, and I can’t decide between baseball or basketball. Last basketball season, I had 18pts, 8 rebounds, and 3 blocks. I’m projected to be 6-7, 190. But for baseball, I have a 68 mph sinker, a 71 mph fb, and a 60 mph change. I have to focus on one sport, so which one should I choose?

My opinion is : play both if you can…basketball will keep you in shape and help your coordination especially if you achieve the 6’7" projected height. Don’t limit yourself if you don’t have to…

do both in highschool

As a former resident of that fine state with the Bluegrass…I say what the heck! Down year for both of my teams but they both made the dance baby! Go Ky, Go Louisville.

i would say keep playing both until if you get later in high school junior and senior and you are much better at one sport just concentrate on that one

Why do you have to focus on one sport?


How many people do you honestly think would choose basketball on a pitching forum?

lol good point
I do both but baseball rules