Basics for a Pitcher's Glove

Pitchers consider their glove to satisfy three (3) basic functions.

  1. Balance at the end of their stride side,
  2. Flexibility for limited fielding.
  3. Bal retention and recovery.

Pitchers are not part of the fielding scheme of things. As much as that may sound out of touch with the defensive posture of the game, it’s a reality check for those that think differently. Expanding on that mindset is for another topic.

The pictures below use a old Hutch glove - ( in fact that’s my old glove, make and model.) to narrate the basics of a pitcher’s glove.

The glove’s overall composition must be of leather, with rawhide lacing. Composite materials are commonly used today, and that’s perfectly ok. But leather and rawhide have distinct properties that make a glove ideal for baseball.

The back of the glove is just as important as any other part. The glove below in the picture has a wide opening to accommodate the hand and the finger wells are large enough to allow the hand to close the grip on the ball for possession. The webbing isn’t so ridged that closing the glove on the ball is a chore and thus increases the potential of fumbling with the ball, especially grounders. (* more on that latter)

The overall design - fingers, laces, and pocket section has to compliment the pitcher’s coordination balance on the mound while going through the delivery motion. The material composition shouldn’t be so heavy as to distract the pitcher in any way. Although some gloves today are heavier, curved back, holster back, with yards of laces per square inch, your glove;s basic purpose doesn’t change - balance your motion, limited fielding and possession.
***notice the shallow pocket section in the glove below. Retrieving the ball and getting to it after the fact, is very easy here.

Flexibility is highly desirable. The glove’s suppleness and it’s comfort will add quality to your game.

Granted, the pictures above are about an outdated design, by today’s builders. However, the details in this gloves design and function are well worth noting. Also, remember that a glove is an appointment to your appearance, just like you spikes, uniform, and other accessories. Don’t be impressed with autograph models, so called … “pro series”, and other marketing ploys.