Basic throwing mechanics - just making sure everythings good

Hey Everyone,

Heres my video:

Its just regular throwing mechanics but i still want to check myself.

Also, another thing that occasionally happens when im throwing is my thum catches part of my head - usually when my arm is realy tired. Is there anything i can change to avoid this?

Thanks in advance,


That business with the thumb sometimes happens with an over-the-top delivery, and I’m wondering if you’re really comfortable with it—or whether you might do better with a different arm angle like the 3/4. As a rule I don’t advocate changing arm slots, but you might want to try doing that—switching to a 3/4 delivery, which would take some of the pressure off your arm and shoulder. I myself was a natural, true sidearmer, and I stayed with it all the way, and I never had any problems. 8)

i think you just lift up your right hand a little bit too hight when the ball is behind your head.

this is what i mean,

ignore the wrist, this is what i mean the elbow should around the same level to its shoulder (not too high or too low like murlder)

Personal experience, i have tried this one below before but i still prefer those motion above

Right you are! That’s exactly what my pitching coach told me, that the elbow should be at the same level as the shoulder (easy enough for me, because I was a natural sidearmer). :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help…I’m gonna give that a try.

Do you know of any drills to help me with keeping my elbow down?

-swing your arm naturally

-don’t raise too high when you begins…