Basic Hitting

How should i approach an at bat? How should i go up there knowing that im going to hit the ball?

Yes, you should think you are going to hit the ball. If I would say before I hit “I am going to strike out” I struck out! So think something positive like
"I am going to hit the ball!" :slight_smile:

First off go up there expecting to hit the ball hard and expect a base hit when you get up there.

Second off approach the at bat to play to your strengths. If you’re a fastball hitter hit a fastball if you’re an off speed hitter, hit a curveball or change. If you prefer high to low, then hit a higher one (not too high), if you hit inside better than outside hit an inside pitch.

My personal philosophy is not to swing at a pitch unless it’s what I want where I want it until I have two strikes, look for a pitch in one spot that you know you can drive it. For me I look for a thigh high fastball on the inside part of the plate usually.

Once you have two strikes you have to protect, don’t expect to strike out but make sure you fight enough not to, a strikeout is the most useless thing for your team, if you put the ball in play you at least have a chance to get on base and move runners, I guess it’s technically true that you can reach on a strikeout but it’s not likely.